How became the Microsoft Corporation

Story of Microsoft

Microsoft is a Multi National Corporation is a American tech company. it is known for Windows® OS, other computer software, consumer electronics tech products. Microsoft headquarters at Redmond, Washington. and 177 offices in 96 Countries. 

Headquaters in India

  • Hydrabad 
  • Mumbai 
  • Noida 
  • Ahemdabad 
  • Banglore 
  • Chennai and many more

Facts about Microsoft

Microsoft has full time employee are 1,63,000 in the world. its employee called 'softie' Microsoft = Microcomputer + Software


  • In 4 April, 1975, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and his childhood best friend Paul Allen.
  • They are Harvard College dropout. 
  • 1972,they was started Traf-o-Data. that time Bill Gates age was only 17 years. purpose was that collect traffic read way counter road data and create report for traffic engineer. 
  • It not perform very well. but it is useful for understood micro processors and build Microsoft®. in 1975, both Gates and Allen dropped out of collage during their sophomore years to pursue their passion. they worked for MITS, the makers of the altairs 8800 Microcomputer. 
  • It also developed programming language that's called 'BASIC', and that language was purchased by MIT. and together he was developing Microsoft. finally, in april 4,1975 Microsoft was launched at Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
  • Microsoft Means Microcomputer + Software. august 1977, Microsoft first international offices was ASCII Microsoft in Japan after it was moved in 1979 at sattle. 
  • In 1981, that time comes personal computers. Microsoft first time OS developed for IBM pc. but, in whole not developed but it is modified by Microsoft. that OS (operating system) name was Microsoft Disk Operating System(MS DOS), a year after it released its first-ever OS the Xenix. in 1981, it was released with IBM under the name IBM pc. 
  • In what would become one of the most talked-about business deals in US history, Gates licensed MS-DOS to IBM but still managed to retain the rights to the software. IBM released its MS-DOS integrated personal computer soon after, changing the landscape of personal computing as well as generating boatloads of cash not just for them but also for Microsoft.


Story with apple

  • In 1997, almost apple was bankrupt declared. at that time Microsoft was invested $150 million dollar in their competitor Apple. and Bill Gates offered 5 years full access of Microsoft office. because Apple was cased that Microsoft was copied their MacOS design and fill. 
  • In that investment it issue was resolved. stepped down as the company's CEO in 2000, saying he wanted to focus on his foundation. 
  • He left his full-time role at Microsoft in 2008. but he was board member till 2020. that foundation name is 'Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation'. next SEO was Steven Anthony Ballmer, 2000 tp 2014. 
  • In that time Microsoft sales becomes 3x and profit was 2x. Current CEO is Satya Nadella (Indian). It was invested in cloud computing. and Linkedin, nuance and github was acquired in Microsoft. Microsoft value is more than 1 Trillion Dollars.

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