How I became Web devloper !

My story of web devlopment? 


        I am web development and student and I am telling you in this post that How I became web development

  • When I was beginner in this field that time I was very curious about programming, website and many aspect of software engineering. That how the build this all things and how we can development.
  • That time I was very confused about programming and entry point of it. So I decided that I will create simple html web page and I will connect with database (Just connect). 
  • Then I create simple html page in php and I connected to MYSQL database. That was wonderful moment for me.
  • After, many practicing with php (server side programming) like CRUD (create, read, update, delete), Ecommerce, record management system I was able to create dynamic website. 
  • Then I was started to learn javascript (front end programming language) for adding functionality to user side. 
  • Javascript used for validation form, create drop down, button, other browser activity and many more functionality to apply to the web site. 
  • After Learning basic things like html ,css and javascript I explored to many things in programming and web development. 
  • After I learn python language and django web framework for create web site in python language. 
  • Now I am Web devloper but still student 😂😍. 

  • If you are very exited for became software devloper like me then first became Student and bill gates said that, "Every person should learn programming because programming teach us that how to thought for every scenario."  


If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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