How to download Instagram &YouTube video?

How to download Instagram & YouTube video?

Many ways to download Instagram and YouTube video, one of this - download through Snaptube application.
it is very quick and best process to download any Instagram and YouTube video.

Snaptube Benefits 

  • Instagram video download
  • YouTube video download
  • Also available for PC 

Steps for Download video

Step 1 : Download Snaptube Application in Smartphone

Step 2 : Which video you want to download
  • click on tree dots

  • Click on share

  • Select Instagram

 Step .3 : Now, Snaptube opens Window that shows you Resolution and their size. 
                Like this-

            Then, its download like this-

Now, can download any video in your glary. 

  • You can also download YouTube video. Like this-

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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