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👦👦How to start learning DSA ? 

  • Before start journey of programming, every programmers should be best in DSA.before staring we need to familiar the term - DSA 
  • DSA - Data Structure and Algorithm.  As the name itself suggests, it is a combination of two 
  • separate yet interrelated topics - Data Structure and Algorithms.
  • It separate two term Data Structure and second one is Algorithm, that means 'way to many 
  • operation with data and implement that operation we need Algorithms'. In this article, we 
  • will be focusing on everything about DSA and how to begin your journey of DSA from scratch.

  • What is data sructure? 
  • it is way to string data and shorting in various form like asendin,desending etc. it is wery useful for sture and wiew data in efficiently and effectively.The main idea behind using data structures is to minimize the time and space complexities. 

  • What is Algorithm ?
  • Algorithm is process insruction of implement data Structure. any one ploblem may be implement multiple Algorithm. To explain in simpler terms, it is a set of operations performed in a step-by-step manner to execute a task. 

  • How to start DSA?
  • Let us now move to the most important question “How to start learning DSA?“

  • This procedure may vary from person to person. But here we are trying to provide a general solution to the problem. A beginner can follow the step-by-step process as given below to get started with DSA-
  • 1. intrest - mainain interest is very important in whole coding journey.
  • 2. keep motivate - some people faces same problam and they drop learning. so, keep motivate. 
  • 3. khowlege of data sructure - to fulfil this step need to find the best resource of DSA. you can start with Youtube lectures, notes, websites you can also buy paid cource. as per you intrest, you can prefer any resource.
  • 4.Algorithm - after clear fundamentals of data stucture, you should try to design efficient algotithm and implement it.
  • 5. Practice - for be a best programmer you should practice. you should prectice atleast 2-3 hours in daily. you an use prectice platform like- geeks for geeks, leatcode, hakerrank etc. 
  • 6. consistency - it is key of masters in DSA. is is slightly difficult for many people but consistency is very important for learning any skills. 


If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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