Super computer vs quantum computer

Super Computer 

  • In super computer has fastest speed and very large amount of memory size. Compare to another computer super computer is very less time to calculate any things. 
  • This types of computer is used for only Engineering and Scientific works where, there is more need to real time output. 
    • Where it is use?
      • Super Computer is used in computational science, oil gas exploration, quantum mechanics, whether forecasting, climate research.   
    • When was it discovered? 
      •  At 1958 - Seymour Cray Was the founder was Super Computer
      • Seymour Cray is the father of Super Computer.    
    • Which is fastest Super Computer?
      • Fujitsu Fugaku  
    • Price 
      • Normal Super Computer price is US $100M.   

Quantum Computer 

  • Quantum Computer is used to Quantum Physics Principals to calculate or any computer operation.
  • Google had announced that Quantum Computer is 100M faster than normal computer.   
    • Where it is used? 
      • Quantum Computer is used to optimization problem solution and at airport to check whether when the flight will be take off. 
      • Online delivery systems are used to quantum computer Ex.: FedEx   
    • When was it discovered?
      • At 1998 - Isaac Chuang,  Neil Gershenfeld of MIT and Mark Kubine of University of California has developed to the Quantum Computer. 
      • David Deutsch Is the Father of Quantum Computer.   
    • Which is fastest Quantum Computer?
      • Jiuzhang 
      • Jiuzhang is 100Trillion time faster than Super Computer. 
    • Price 
      • It is very cheaper than Super Computer 
      • US $50000.  

Which is Faster? 

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