Top 5 best android UI and Skins.

Top 5 best Android UI & Skins 

UI is a most important factor of any smart devices. many people only focus in features, but best hardware requires best UI. if you have best hardware but UI is not good, then your smart phones not perform very Well. so, smart people always consider hardware and also UI. 

In android, there are multiple skins available with different  manufactures. like- pixel has stock android, Mi has MIUI, Realme has Realme UI, Oppo has color OS, Samsung has one UI and many more.

Top 5 Android UI are-

1.Stock Android - Pure android experience
2.Pixel UI - optimization & slightly custom  on stock android
3.Oxigen OS- clean and smooth UI of oneplus
4.One UI - Samsung UI
5.Color OS - most customized UI

  1.  Stock Android - Pure android experience

  • Stock android is most favorite UI. this ui also available in entry level smartphones. this UI requires slightly less ram and rom than custom UI, because it is not modified by manufactures. that's why it is boring for many people. It provides very few customization option. some times due to optimization lack it fills like a slow animation.
  • if  we focus about availability, we find option of manufactures. there are Motorola, Nokia, Micromax, Lava.  It changes slightly but not changes UI. 
  • Some phones are - Motorola edge 30 fusion, Motorola g62 5G, Micromax in note 2, Nokia G21

  • Good of this UI
    1. Requires less Ram and Rom
    2. Simple Experience
    3. Best battery life
    4. No bloatware
    5. No ads
  • Bad of this UI
    1. Few customization available
    2. Looks like boring
2. Pixel UI

  • Pixel UI exclusive for Google pixel phones. Pixel phones are most hipped smartphones. Pixel phones provides best UI experience, User experience.  It fills like buttery smooth Ui. Pixel phones for specific audience. It offers the speed and better performance of Stock Android and includes enough features for users to not get bored of the skin.
    • Good of this UI

    1. Requires less Ram and Rom
    2. Fluently works google assistant 
    3. Some features uses AI technology 
    4. Very smooth experience
    5. Simple Experience
    6. Best battery optimization
    7. No bloatware
    8. No ads

    • Bad of this UI

    1. only available in pixel phones
    2. Looks like boring

3.Oxygen OS

  • Oxygen OS Most likely and like a flagship OS. It is a Oneplus customized android skins. It provides customized OS experience with smooth user experience. Initialy days's Oxygen OS looks like Sock android, but, now it is changed. It is considered as a clean and optimized UI.
  • Now, it looks likes near to color OS. because color and Oxygen OS backend developer are merged.
  • some phones are - Oneplus  ce 5G, Oneplus 10T pro, Oneplus nord 2

  • Good of this UI

    1. Very smooth experience
    2. Simple Experience
    3. No bloatware
    4. No ads

  • Bad of this UI

    1. looks like bulky
    2. No phones available in budget smartphones
    3. Late Updates

      4.One UI

      • One UI is a available in Samsung smartphones. One UI provides customized and clean UI experience. Top 5 selling smartphones there 2 smartphones comes Samsung. It shows One UI popularity. 
      • Many people consider only Samsung smartphones, because it comfortable with One UI. 
      • It also provide extra Knox security,  which provide extra security layer. 
        • Good of this UI

          1. User Friendly
          2. Useful  features
          3. Less bloatware
          4. Few ads
          5. Best optimized for non-gummer user
          6. Some series Samsung promises 3 years system updates

        • Bad of this UI

          1. Heavy for Entry level devices
          2. Not considered for gamming 

        5. Color OS

      • Color OS is Oppo customized UI. color OS looks like Apple's iOS. Color OS 12 is highly customized on android 12. It's accent color can change according your wallpaper.  It holds a huge fanbase.
      • Thus, if you get a low-end Oppo phone, it will most likely not be able to work efficiently with the ColorOS. But when paired with decent hardware, ColorOS is quite fun to use.
      • Now days, it features & UI also comes in Oneplus phones. In past, Relme also used Color OS, now it is used Realme UI.
        • Good of this UI

          1. Inspired by iOS
          2. Heavy customized
          3. Regular Updates
          4. ads can be disabled 

        • Bad of this UI

          1. Heavy for low end  processors
          2. Fills bit slow
          3. Many bloatware

      If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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