What is Digital Twins?

Digital Twin Technology 
  • Digital twin technology is a one type of virtual model to designed any actual products or we can say in other world Digital twin is a pre-model in which we can testing like real world model but not in real. 
  • If we can see as an example, suppose any building you are creating and you want to do testing like types of environment are flexible to building or any real world testing. So, this types of testing is you can do on digital twin.    
Types of Digital twins 
  • Components Twins or Parts Twins 
    • Components Twins or Parts Twins means small types of functioning components. 
    • Parts Twins are same but less important components are involved in this type. 
  • Asset Twins 
    • When in any functionality are including two or more components and both are working together that means that types of  Twins are known as Asset Twins. 
    • Asset Twins let you study of this types of components and creating a wealth performance of data that can be processed and can turn into actionable data. 
  • System or Unit Twins 
    • In this types of of  Twins you can see different modules or assets are coming from entire system. 
    • System Twins provide visibility related interaction of properties and may suggest performance improvement. 
  • Process Twins 
    • Process Twins are Twins in which you can check how the works entire system together and all components. 
    • In Process Twins check whether all components are working file and not producing any error after combine all components.   
History of Digital Twins 
  • The idea of Digital Twins is first spoken by Mirror Worlds in 1991 by David Gelernter. 
  • However, Dr. Michael Grieves created first concept in 2002. 
  • NASA's John Vickers introduced a new word called "digital twin" in 2010.    

Advantages of Digital Twins 
  • Better research and development 
    • Digital Twins is very useful in research and development in any industry like software, construction, medical, Electronics and many industry.  
  • Higher Efficiency  
    • Using Digital twins we are getting real idea of the real physical products. 

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