What is Quantum Computing ?

Now a days computer is became common tern in our daily life. If we talk any research, space exploration or technical advancement, computer became the regular device in our life. Without computer we can not do anything. 

In many previous years we are increased computation power in computer and reduce size of computer hardware and chipset. Now a days regular devices like smartphones are very powerful compare to military computer which was 50 years ago.   

But, still todays computer has many limitations like storage, speed, energy consumption and performance. Sometimes todays computer can not work in very complex computing and speedy work. That's why we need computer like very powerful and efficient compare to todays computer. 

The GOOGLE, IBM and INTEL are making computer using quantum physics principles and we can say to future computer called quantum computer, and not only create this types of model but successfully tested of this types of computer. 

And if this types of computer will created successfully then this will replace todays computer.  

Now we will discuss about how to work quantum computer and why we need of quantum computer. 

This types of computer are uses quantum bits or Q bits for computing. Now you are saying what is q or quantum bits right. Ok, lets get understand of q bits.  

Todays computer are called binary computer because this computer can understand only binary number called 0 and 1 and this computer's chipset are always on true and false, 0(zero) and 1 states. 0(zero) means No and 1 means Yes in computer era. 

As per above binary numbers are mapped as bit and quantum computer will work on q bits (quantum bits).  

Bit has only two states 0 (zero) and 1 but q-bits has three states like 1,0 and  01 and this types of mechanism will increase computational power and this types of mechanism is not available to binary computer.  This states will called as instead of No and Yes called Up, Down and Both states.  

We will get basic understand of quantum mechanism. Suppose we have a coin and we are throwing to air and we can predict that head or tail same binary computer do, but in quantum computer can predict in two states and q-bits has same functionality. 

Until observation of  q-bits, q bits are in both state. Q-bits can many predictions at a time. If we compare binary and quantum computer so we will find that until binary computer will process of this types of solution that before quantum computer will give results of this types of computations.  


Super Computer vs Quantum Computer 


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