What is Rangoli, Diwali and why?

What is Rangoli, Diwali and why? 

Rangoli is a design which created by special type of color called the "chirodi". Rangoli is for greeting to the Lord Ram.  

Rangoli is very famous in India while festival of Diwali. Because the lord Ram was came at Diwali's day, so this day is very specials for every Indian.

Because the Lord Ram was gone for living jungle life for fight with Rawan and Rawan was devil so that's reason that fight the Lord Ram with Rawan. 

At Diwali all the people are buy new cloths, crackles and many more new things. At Diwali all people in the India are do pray to god for happy life and good Wishes for everyone. 

Diwali is very big festival in the India. So that time in the India is the holiday time all people are do chill and buy new things, sweets and many more. 

Before two days of the Diwali there are "Dhantersh". Dhantersh is for buy gold and do good starting for buy new jewelry. 

After exact next day of the Diwali, comes new year of all Indians. That day all peoples are goes to house of every related for new wishes for future and meet together. 

After exact next day of the New Year, comes "Bhaibij". Bhaibij is for holy relation of brother and sister. 

So this is small detail for Diwali.  

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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