What is super computer ? and History

Super Computer 

  • Super computer is extremely powerful computer and it is compute trillions of computations in a few minutes so it is called super computer.  
  • Super computer is give very very fast and high performance at any time.
  • Super computer is build by many others computer like multi computer. 
  • Whenever super computer was build at that time it is worked on UNIX operating system but now with the super computer work in LINUX operating system but manufacturers can change operating system as per they need and other operating system are used in super computer is CenTos, bullx, crya linux operating system. 
  • In super computer there are many programming language is used like traditional programming language like FORTRAN and modern programming language like C and C++ language. 

  • It is contain thousands of processors and core like facebook super computer developed using 4,000 processors and 16,000 GPU that is amazing write! 
  • So this super computer is very fast and used for high level work like huge database handling, manufacturing etc..... 
  • Super computer is work on FLOPS (Floating point operations per second) and general computer work on MIPS (Million Instructions per second). 
  • Since 2017, Super computer speed existed at over a hundred quadrillion FLOPS
  • Super computer is working with parallel processing and and general computer is working with serial processing.
  • Super computer is playing massive role in computer science and at many more industries. 
  • Super computer is very costly it's price goes up to 100+ millions dollars.  

Use of super computer 

  • Super computer is used in very complex and massive computations like below: 
    • quantum mechanics
    • weather forecasting 
    • climate research 
    • oil and gas exploration 
    • molecular modeling 
    • polymers 
    • crystal 
    • chemical compounds 
    • biological macromolecules 
    • physical simulations (Universe, airplane and space crafts)

Super computer short history 

  • Super computer is first introduced in 1960s
  • For several decades fastest computer is by Seymour Cray and Control data corporation (CDC), Cray research and subsequent companies bearing his name or monogram. 
  • Cray is the father of super computer.
  • In the 1970s , vector processor operating on large arrays of data came to dominate. A notable example is the highly successful Cray-1. 
  • Vector computers remained the dominate design into the 1960s. From the until today, massively parallel supercomputers with tens of thousands of  off-the-shelf  processors became the ideality.
  • World fastest super computer came from United states, Japan, Finland and china
  • India has many super computer and one of them is PARAM Siddhi-AI.

Top super computer and it's origin 

  • Frontier (United states) 
  • Fugaku (Japan) 
  • LUMI (Finland)
  • Summit (United states) 
  • Sierra (United states) 
  • Sunway Taihulight (China) 
  • Selene (United states)  
Here we will show some facts about fugaku (Japan) super computer : 
  • Fugaku is named after an alternative name for mount fuji - is a claimed exascale supercomputer. 
  • Fugaku uses custom Linux base kernal in operating system. 
  • Fugaku is capable to Deliver real time Tsunami prediction. 
  • Fugaku supercomputer can perform more than 415 quadrillion computations a second.  

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