Xiaomi • Android (Mi, Redmi, POCO, Black shark)

Xiaomi CEO and Cofounder is lie jun. He is Chinese business executive. 


Xiaomi is a Chinese Electronic & software and mobile manufacture company.

One Most popular sentence about Xiaomi is that, 

"Xiaomi  is China's apple  and lie jun is Xiaomi's CEO called the china's steve jobs".  

Xiaomi Corporation was founded in April 2010 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018. 

Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core. 

Xiaomi is parent company of it's sub brand is MI, REDMI, POCO, BLACK SHARK 

Where MI is high range brand in category of flagship killer, second is redmi is most popular brand in the India and this brand covers low level segment to mid range price segment , third POCO is designed for low price and high performance and last black shark is specially for gamers but black shark is not so popular in the India. 

XIAOMI company's CEO history Lie Jun 

  • Lie Jun was born in 16 DECEMBER 1969 in china. 
  • He has completed his study from Vahan University. 
  • After study Lie was an worked as an Engineer in kingsoft company and near to 1998 he was the CEO of kingsoft company. 
  • After 2 years Lie was created online bookstore called joyo.com and in 2004 joyo.com acquired by amazon.com in 75 million dollars. 
  • In 2010 Lie Jun started XIAOMI company with only 7 people. 
  • In starting XIAOMI was worked only in custom rom based on google android. 
  •  Now Lie Jun is working as a CEO of XIAOMI. 

More Detail and interesting talks about Xiaomi 

Whenever Xiaomi was started when that time Xiaomi (MI) was an only Internet company and that time Xiaomi was worked on only Custom android Operating system called from Xiaomi is MIUI. 

MIUI full form is Mobile Internet User Interface. 

MIUI is very user friendly Custom UI for android and it is very simple to use and very reliable for android and little similar to ios which is an apple. 

Xiaomi moto is low price and high performance and quality that is the main reason that Xiaomi smartphones, TV and many more devices available at low price. 

Interesting facts about Xiaomi 

  • XIAOMI word is made using two word XIAO + MI = Little rice. 
  • XIAOMI became under five fastest smartphone selling company in the world. 
  • Low price and high performance, best feature, good looking device. 
  • Whenever Xiaomi Mi 3 was launched that time 15000 Units of smartphone sold in just 2 seconds. And this model became fastest sold smartphone in the India.  
  • In 2014 Xiaomi had sold 2.1 (21 lakh) millions device in only One day. 
  • If you are Xiaomi (mi, redmi, poco) user and you are using Xiaomi cloud then you must know about that your data will be send to china server by Xiaomi. 
  • Xiaomi is claimed that Xiaomi has sold 58 million device in 2016 and in 2015 Xiaomi has sold 17 million devices. 
  • In 2017 Xiaomi redmi note 4 and Xiaomi redmi 4 became fastest selling smartphone in the India. 
  • Xiaomi  is China's apple  and lie jun is Xiaomi's CEO called the china's steve jobs. 
Now, Xiaomi create many products like Smartphone. television (TV), smart watch, IoT devices, Power bank, Speakers and many devices.  


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