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What is Hacking and who known as hacker? 

"In this video you will find that what is hacking and who is known as hacker and how to be a hacker, where to study, what will be the package and many more, so keep your beautiful eyes in this article for reading." 

Definition: If any thief is going to any home for steal for any things, before he will analyze all of things about home that which is best way for steal and goods or things, that means the house will hack by thief. Same thief do in online in any web site or any software, that means particular website or software is hacked. This all of things done by hacker. This activity is a very malicious because, in this activity there are data is stelae of  many people. 

There are many types of  hack data like Data breach, Social engineering, Man in the middle
Data breach 
In Data breach hacker will come and steal all very important data of user like user name and password, banking information address and many more. If we see in past there are many data was beached by hacker of facebook, tweeter, domino's. 

Social engineering
In Social engineering fishing is very popular term. In fishing hacker will call someone and do talk about greedy term like, you are won lotery and will take all secret information like credit number, banking password and many more. If we see for second example like hacker will send any link via message, after user will install any app or software. After install this app of software will steal all information using scripts.  

Man in the middle
In Man in the middle  If user is going to any unsecure like http not https using public network like wifi, then hacker can easily steal user data of hack user device.  

How to escape from hacker? 
  • Use only HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), SSL (secure socket layer) enabled website or use VPN (Virtual Private Network). 
  • Do not install any applications or software using any link. 
  • Do not share any secret any information on call or anyone. 
There are mainly three types of hacker like Black Hat Hacker, White Hat Hacker and Gray Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hacker 
This types of hacker are do criminal activities like blackmail, steal information, money and many more for money and just fun. 

White Hat Hacker 
This types of hacker take first permission from particular organization for test any system for how to secure and find bugs. If any unsecure system fount then hacker will give information to how to secure of system. And this types of hacker known as Ethical Hacker.  
Gray Hat Hacker
This types of hacker are hacking system for just fun. But this is not good man or team for people. 

Prerequisites for be a Hacker 
Know for what is computer science basics, computer networks basics, what is TCP and IP, http vs. https, osi model, what is linux kernal, programming languages like c, c++, java, python and many more. 

Opportunities in Hacking 
Design software for improve security like key logger and sale. 
Design firewall 
Do internship in organization and company like ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization), Qualcomm, Deloitte and many more. 

Topics under Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security by Apna Collage video description

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
Need of cyber security
Ethical hacking
Types of hackers
Penetration Testing
Footprinting techniques

Types of Cryptography
Symmetric / Asymmetric
Digital Signatures
Hash functions

Computer Networks & Security
Computer Network Architecture; Layered Architecture
OSI Model
TCP / IP Model
Common Network Threats

Application & Web Security
Web server architecture & attacks
Web client architecture & attacks
Counter measures & patch management

Identity & Access Management (IdAM)
Password protection
Identity threats

Vulnerability Analysis (VA) & System Hacking
VA Types
VA Lifecycle
VA Tools
Vulnerability scoring system
VA Report
System Hacking
Password cracking
Privilege escalation, hiding files, clearing logs

Sniffing & SQL Injection
Malware & its types
Sniffing attacks & its types
SQL injection & its types

Denial of Service (DoS) & Session Hijacking
DoS attacks & symptoms
DoS detection
System Hijacking
Session / Application level hijacking
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) & types
Firewalls & Types 
Evading IDS


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