Elon Musk showed his pistol by tweeting a photo, people were surprised!

Elon Musk is constantly active on Twitter. 
He kept it on his bedside table. 
Now Elon Musk has made a new tweet. 
Apart from Diet Coke, his pistol is also visible on this table? 
Although the front-facing device looks like a pistol.
But this is not a pistol. Actually it is a lighter. 
While a pistol is placed in the picture. He didn't name it, but according to Google research, it looks like the capital behind French is Free Tuition. 
The model number of this pistol is 1872. 
Elon Musk has kept in a box. The box looks antique. 
Also on the table is four diet cocaine. 
A device is also kept with the lighter. At first glance it looks like an opener. 
It is not clear about this. What is this? In his tweet, such a user wrote that this is the first time he is seeing Gold Coke. 
Let me tell you that Mast keeps tweeting like this. Earlier when he had taken over the command of 2 Tekt Kamal. Then he came to the Twitter office with a wash basin. 
This video of his was very much discussed. After this, he did not give sixth to thousands of employees. 
Many changes being made on Twitter Wedding. 
Elon Musk is also doing a variety of variations on Peter. The big change in this is about Peter Blue. Anyone can earn a bluetick by looking at the Twitter blue word idea. 
This picture was also launched but had to be shut down after many fake accounts received blue ticks. 
Now this company is going to launch the picture on 2 December. Regarding this, it has been told that the user will get three types of tick marks, in which the company government and the user will be marked with ticks of different colors. 
Twitter will have to spend $7.99 a month for Blue Succession 
However, no official information has been revealed about its price in India. 

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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