It's over! iPhone 14 Pro Max priced at Rs 18,000 Customers are desperate to buy

iPhone 14 Pro Max: The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most trending smartphone in the market, although its price is quite high, but there is a market that is selling this iPhone model of millions at the price of a cheap smartphone. 

Cheapest iPhone 14 Pro Max: The price of iPhone 14 Pro Max is about 1 lakh 40 thousand rupees in the market and this is the reason why it does not fit in everyone's budget. Despite the high price, people want to buy it. Let us tell you that there is a market that is selling this millions of iPhone models at such a low price that you can not even guess. Customers can buy this iPhone for less than 20 thousand rupees. Today we are going to tell you about this market.  

What is this market? 

The market we are talking about is actually the Facebook marketplace where salaries sell their products directly on the online platform. Let us tell you that this platform is used for the purchase and sale of all types of products. 

All models of iPhone are also seen here and now the limit has been reached because the iPhone 14 Pro Max is being sold on this platform for only Rs 18000. Customers must have been shocked to know what and they would not understand how such cheap phones can be sold. 

Know what the truth is 

Let us tell you that the model of iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is being sold on Facebook Marketplace for just Rs 18000, is actually the first copy of the iPhone or you can do it. 

Replica models can also be called models. If you want to understand it in even simpler language, you can also call it a fake iPhone, which looks exactly like the iPhone 14 Promax, but there is no guarantee of how long it will last, even its features like camera and display are not like the real iPhone 14 Promax. In such a situation, if you buy them, then it can prove to be a loss deal for you. 

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