Tweeter may decrease their users

There may be a decrease in the followers of users on the microblogging site Twitter.  The reason for this is the preparation of Twitter's new owner Elon Musk to deal with a large number of spam and scam accounts.  Musk told on Thursday that Twitter is removing many spam and scam accounts and due to this users' followers may decrease.

 Musk also plans to increase the character limit for tweets on Twitter from 280 to 1,000.  One major difference between Twitter and other social media platforms is the character limit.  Musk has shown interest in increasing the character limit after taking over Twitter.  Musk recently told that he can launch the company's premium subscription service on 2 December.  The Twitter Blue subscriptions used for verification will be accompanied by new check marks.  There will be a gold check mark for companies, a gray check mark for government and a blue check mark for individuals (including celebrities).

 Musk gave this information along with apologizing to a user on Twitter for the delay in the relaunch of the service.  He said that the company can launch its verification service on 2 December.  Musk said that all verified accounts will be manually verified before activating the check mark.  Earlier Twitter's blue check mark was reserved for politicians, celebrities, journalists and other celebrities.  Earlier this month, the company launched a subscription option for everyone.  Its purpose was to increase Twitter's revenue.  Since Musk's takeover of Twitter, many companies have stopped advertising on this platform.

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