What is IP address and what is MAC address?

IP Address (Internet Protocol)

  • IP address stands for Internet Protocol and it is dynamic not static. 
  • IP address is used for identification of any devices over the internet. 
  • IP address is dynamic address, means IP address can change over the network during time period. 
  • IP address are router friendly address because, router is uses for identification is IP(Internet Protocol) for transfer data from one node to another node over the network. 
  • IP address is 32 bit number and it is defined using Decimal number system. Like, 
  • Above number is the total limit of IP address (IPV4). 
  • IP address can be valid if any number is decimal and range under 
  • You can see your IP address using CMD in your system. Like below: 

MAC Address (Media Access Control) 

  • MAC stands for Media Access Control. 
  • MAC address is unique over the world. 
  • MAC address are used for just like human name in real world, and unique for any nodes which is involved or not in computer network. 
  • MAC address can not change in any devices. 
  • MAC is provided by manufacturer of any devices. 
  • MAC is hexadecimal number like C0-CB-38-AB-CC-17. 
  • MAC address can be written using dots(.) or dash(-). 
  • MAC address are switch friendly address because, switches are used for establish or share data using MAC address in LAN (Local Area Network). 
  • You can see MAC address in your system using CMD with ipconfig/all command.   

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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