Google: The Most Evil Business In The World

Google originally a secret government research project all to track the population has now become one of the biggest 
internet monopolies overseeing more than 90 percent of all search traffic worldwide however government interested in google has never left because Google is now the industry leader in Ai advancement where they regularly collaborate with intelligence agencies to develop system for mass surveillance and censorship, which is why google maintenance relationship with some of the most brutal authoritarian regimes in the modern era we are talking about regimes Like China and North Korea and right now Google is creating something you could not believe not only are they creating deep mind Ai which is AI that understands and interprets every single bit of data on the internet, but it's also now been leaked that Google's lambda AI is reportedly sentient Google is quite literally birthing on new stage in our Revolution and seeing as Google is censoring content on both Google and YouTube as well as having secret meeting with North Korea Hiding their Chinese government projects and using all their power to threaten Western governments not to break up the company and it looks like things could get very strange very soon. So how did Google go from being a government's research project To this Empire we know today. Well it all started in 1996. 

Before Google became the multinational tech conglomerates it is today The organization started as a simple search engine. the search algorithm was originally a research project titled backrub their project was developed by business partners Larry page and Sergey brin who met each other during their PhD Program at Stanford in 1996 where they were working on the Stanford digital library project which was to developed Technologies for a single integrated and universal digital library at the time. They were also working on projects for the government being one of the main computer science team funded by the CIA, NSA and darpa's massive digital data system program or mdds for short mdds was an initiative developed by intelligence agencies that would utilize and finance tech startups Such as Google this was to gather and harvest all kinds of available information on the internet for analysis both by private and Federal sectors. 

the stated goal of mdds was identify What intelligence research teams called quote birds of a feather similar to how birds fly in coordinated shapes and are able to make sharp turns in unison.  It was predicted that like-minded internet users would move together in the same way online. This was in a period when the incident was  growing rapidly back in 1995 growing by 2300 percent and so intelligence Communities wanted a piece of this working together to gather and identify digital fingerprints. They did these in such a way that every individual using the web cold be tracked and sorted algorithmically.

Something that Google would later be contracted to specialize in now digital fingerprinting is essentially what it sound like a data gathering technique used by law enforcement and third parties to identify internet users based on their online activity.
Once any kind of digital fingerprint is established. It is permanently stored in database and the digital trail can be followed everywhere by funding and working with this emerging startups the government would be able to surveil everyone using the internet Obviously using the excuse of Counterterrorism to justify this massive increase in power and what's interesting is that Google was one of the first candidates and the Crown Prince of the mdds program.
With their primary objective from the multi-million dollar Grant being quote optimization of the complex queries that are described using the birds of a feather approach. this search algorithm functionality that can find specific results 
from and almost endless stream of information has always been the core of Google even before the company actually launched which brings us to 1998 when Google IIC was founded by Sergey and Larry on September 4th the two quickly.

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