How jaguar and land rover killing TATA motors ?

How  jaguar and land rover killing TATA motors ?

This reunited the rover and land river brands for the first time since the rover group was broken up by BMW in 2000. on 18 Jan. 2008, TATA motors, a part of the TATA group, established jaguar land rover limited as a british-registered and wholly owned subsidiary.

Now let's talk about commercial business then Tata Motors' market share is about 40% and if we talk further in that then Tata Motors has 14% in passenger vehicles. and they are in india tata leading in third position in cars.
And talking about electrical vehicles, Tata Motors has complete dominance.
  • TATA commands 87% of the total EV market, followed by MG's 11% share 
  • Hyundai and Mahindra with one product each remained fridge players
  • Audi leads the luxury EV market in terms of offerings with a luxury EV market share of 48%
  • 87% of cars were produced by tata motors and Mahindra locally with imported chinses cell
  • 12% of cars came through the CKD route
  • Rest 1% came as CBU import by the luxury car manufactures
Jaguar or land rover like JLR (Jaguar Land Rover)are also known today its condition is very bad. According to the report of financial express, in the year 2022, Tata Motors will owe more than 48,679 crores. There is a bad reason why Jaguar or Land Rover are making their commercial,
passenger, EV a lot of profit. where surf jaguar or land rover are losing 5000 crores.

Even after seeing these figures, Tata Motor CEO Natarajan Chandrasekaran says that by the end of 2024, Tata Motors will become a zero debt company But it will take some more time to repay the loan of JLR. But the question comes, why is water becoming a bone in the neck of Tata Motors???
Land Rover sells more than Jaguar and sales are increased.
In the year 2021, BMW Cars sold 3,36,000 cars in the United States, while jaguar Cars sold only 18,000 cars.
And if we talk about luxury cars, then Jaguars are nowhere to be seen in India.
why this is happened ?????
lets search and go to the back side history of jaguar.

jaguar has been started in 26 oct 1933 by WILLIAM LYONS. and in 1935 was first car is SS JAGUAR in the market. and jaguar was under the  BRITISH MOTOR HOLDINGS(BMH).
Have been very successful in your initial days. And the company was making much profit but in 1966 BMH forced you to merge with British Leyland.

And when Jaguar came under the British, then the bad days of Jaguar start from here. and decrease cars quality and down in the market. and ford was purchase jaguar company in 2.5 billion dollar. and ford to by land rover from BMW .and ford have can not manufactures luxury and sports car so in 2008 many losses in company's and make decision to sell. and tata purchase in 2.3 billion JLR. 
And tata manage cash management and after in the next year 2009 to improve and design the manufacturing and cost is 1.5 billion dollar in this yeas.
and back to back in 2013 tata has merge this  2 brands and give JLR NAME. jaguar land rover had a pre-tax profit of 32 million pounds in the year as the global economy began to recover from recession. JLR From 2010 to 2018, JLR did a decent business and according to experts, the entire credit goes to Ratan Tata and in 2019, JLR's fortunes reversed. management never handled any situation properly.
JAGUAR land rover reports record 6.3 billion loss in 2019. they are in loss because they are not understand about market future trends. 
and market has go to the SUV vehicle because they are want off roading and on roading and many space in SUV. 
So that is reason have in market in 2X way SUV's in the 10 years. jaguar not make SUV in the market so that is the reason. and BMW is understand the market and continue in the market. 
and many external factors are responsible.

JLR does its manufacturing in the United Kingdom. But for raw materials, it is largely dependent on many countries of Europe.
The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. so the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement means free trade agreement was canceled. and they manufacturing 
raw material are costly and may be the car prise was increase so that is the main reason and sales are decreased. 

AND in situation of corona very very down the market of jaguar land rover. and tata was make EV cars of JLR.  in deadline of 2025. and Semi conductors 
cheaps we import from china but china was low level to import other countries because they are not make others growth. so that is the reason.

so thay are many reasons to make JLR down in the market but salute greate mr. ratan tata for making us proud.......

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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