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The first smartphone ever is IBM's Simon personal communicator (spc). 

The evolution of smart phone we can say history of smart phones was the first telephone developed in 1876 by alexander graham bell's first telephone. and in 1880 grower bell  the first telephone used in Europe and other surrounding countries.

In 1905 the stronger is developed first phone with the ability to dial out rather than going through an operator. 

In 1925 the firstly version of the rotary phone. or the first phone AT&T picture phone developed in 1970 and in 1982 the first true mobile phone available to consumer in 1982. and first handheld mobile phone developed in 1983 'Motorola Dynatec 8000x.

In 1992 nikia 1011 was the first mobile phone that could be used anywhere in the world.many drastic changes in mobile phones, we can say year by year phone model and technology was developed and many creativity enter in our culture.flip phones, slider phones, colour screen mobiles and another fact is  they are many old phones is made by nokia company. like nokia 3310 - prise is very shocking 100 dollar. 

Also blackberry 6210 functionality phone its ability to make phone calls.and this was also  the first phone to feature blackberry messenger (BBM) prise is $200.

And then we all see the today all technology developed and many changes in phones. it is say the we could not count the features because many features and technology was developed in the world.

Who Made The First Smart Phone.

These the amazing question because we are all use smart phone but we are all kjnow who developed first smart phone ??? i say smart phone not phone...
The first smart phone is developed by MARTIN COOPER AND ERIC TIGERSTEDT.....


The first technology of first smartphone any one can guess the first technology.

We are all daily use this technology this is the first smart phone ever was IBM's SIMON PERSONAL COMMUNICATOR. that is the ability to make and receive 
cellular phone calls. and simon was also able to send and receive faxes, e-mails and cellular pages/.

To note that when it was launched , it was characterised as a PDA (personal digital assistant) to make communication connections.


The first revolution of phones it was the invcentor of the first partical telephone in the year 1876.

We can say in 2007 was one of the most drastic changing year for smart phones evolutions. it was the year steve job and her team at macworld revealed the very first time.

Next below many uses and benefits of smart phones.  

Smart phones have change the wprld and our culture. we can make friends and meeting exchange data , most usefull transfer money to your bank. and many an more benefits. and people used to meet at parties , bars or through mutual friends. so I can say in futrure many more changes in world 

The best example we can make virtual world your own world in your phone.


It is enable the user to make phone calls and receive phone calls. text messaging to your friends relatives and many more.
And also basic need of smartphone to connect with each other with use of smartphone. playing games , watching moves with travelling. 

Then now a days smartphones is primary devices of all people because many working time you could not manage but one device a phone can  manage your time remind you what are you doing ane what we can do for your daily routine. So I think the you can read the blog is possible to this phone and grow your knowledge with this device which can you used.

Many feature can make primary device for your uses because one at a time people dont know when cloud changes but this time to possible to see the right now 
nature and cloud to make yourself safe.. so this is basic knowledge i share you so this is revolutionary changes in the world. 

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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