Why startups are failing in India.


The india becomes third largest startup ecosystem in the world. 

Business standard india added three 'unicorns' per month in 2021: huruun report
We will go before 6 years in 2016 the startup nation : there were only 471 startups in 2016 in india and now we have 72,993 startups.
Now we can see the growth is very build in india. growth is good but now a days as anew startup open and failure also increases.
In india you will be shocked to know 100 startups open in india and 82 of them fail and 18 will survive in market. this is something to think about it. 
Many experts believe 90% indian startups fail within 5 years of inception: study . 
Many startups like zomato, swiggy, ola, in few time have created a distinct brand for themselves by doing better marketing and advertising. 
 But the questions is they are really successful ??? - answer is NO.. you will be surprised to know that most of the big brands that we 
  think as successful brands suffer heavy losses. in these losses ola restructures quick-commerce,ends contract of 2,100 workers at ola dash dark stores, or the instant delievery service plateform blinkit, formerly called grofers, sacked over 5% of its workforce, which amounts to 
  approximately fired 1600 employees. EDtech unicorn unacademyfired 1,150 people in two phases the year. and earlier,whitehat jr,acquired by 
  BYJU's for USD 300 million,laid of around 300 employees,after more than 1000 of its employees. and cars 24, meesho, mpl, udaan, vedantu, they 
  are fired they employees.

 And as of december 8, 2022, 17,989 employees werw laid off by 52 startups, including several unicorns and soonicorns and in future 60000 employees 
 will be fired so this is the matter of concerns. and we can see the positive news of all brands because they are allready in losses because they 
 have recieve in crore fundings. so that is the reason we have no assume they are in losses.

  total expenses skyrocketed by 104% to RS 1,337 crore,in 2021 meesho resulting in a loss of Rs 498 cr. in the financial year. and ola losses accumulate 
 to Rs 17,453 cr. as revenue shrinks 63% in FY21. and zomato lost RS 812 cr. in last financial year and swiggy and losses rs 1,616 cr.

  and oyo losses rs 3,944 cr. and funding winter : indian startup funding declines 77% YOY in oct 2022. indias most investers soft bank racks up record
 $26 billion vision fund lose. many investers are in fear to invest to indian market so the final option is IPO. then the ipo is come so the many 
 company we can show in the market. for example 28 oct 2021 NYKAA the stock below its ipo price of 1,125 rs. and after one year share prise down 

 and also paytm list in ipo you very well known about paytm losses 67.87%. and zomato share will be down in a year losses in 54.1%. 

 many reasons are there many company losses because they are main target is customer. to companies offer you incentives and offers to bring customers
they will create customer base, and making money by the customer and also they are bring jio company stratergy and you know very well the jio starting
base provide all cutomers free plan offer and jio will get many customers, it applies the habbit of its product and services. and after that jio can earn 
profit from them. if the company gives it for free, people take it, but since they charge service charges, they customers use it less. means companys not 
give oofers to the customers then people can use it less. and unicorn company apply the same system. in one idea to their run the compoany.

if it is a loss company in market so the first rank can do everything and anything for such, and making big cutomers base and offers.and many companies
making compitition for other companies. because customers use their product and service. even if they have to withdraw money from their pockets to best 
company. and few company have own idea not copy from others. and many startups are coppied from other states or country so that is the reason new startup
phase problems and fail.and not serve. so that is the reason 82% startups are fail and 18% are profitable startups because they have own idea.

profitable company like groww , lenskart, ,mama earth because they have super marketing stratergy and plan. so we can see other companies can do for losses 
profitable company or not see the next picture...



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