Why Tim Cook is Opening Apple Stores in India

On April 18, Apple opened its first store in India in Mumbai, and only two days later, on April 20, opened another store in Delhi. Apple has been in India since 1997, but it took 26 years to open its first store. Why is India which used to export 1% of Apple's total production last year, has exported 7% since this year, is it just a fluke, there is a big game plan behind it, Apple has also put manufacturing in India and stores in India too . Apple's CEO himself has come to India and is eating Vada Pav, what has happened here in India that he is roaming around so much in India, why so much kindness till now, some time ago, Americans used to consider China as darling. Brother, such a selfish man, if he is not a relative of anyone's father, then he is kind to India, then what is the reason behind it, and when a company is kind to a country, what steps does it take and how does it come to know that this company She has become serious about this country, in this video, we will see the details of all these things, everyone knows that the news store has opened, everyone has made news, just what is the news behind the news, you will get it only on the channel for the common man. 

Let's start the video by speaking common language, Janata Janardhan ki Jai, let's start talking about Apple's entry in India from the beginning, in 1997, it brought Macintosh, it was completely Fox in selling Macintosh, and no one launched or sold its product in India.

Used to shy away because they considered India to be all niche market said Indian was in 97 what a poor country we didn't have disposable income economy didn't pick up when people didn't have money we either looked for cheap or value Apple also knew where the money was for luxury and classy premium things like For Money Apple, so at that time India did not pay much attention. 

Yes, you will have to do it with local source, America said man, we will not do it with local source, we will not do it. 

Apple's India team proposed to Apple's American team that brother, India is also a good market. The team said, refused to open in small countries, why refused because Apple was having an affair with China at that time, he said, oh brother, where are you in India's affair, look, China is the fastest growing economy, disposable income is amazing. Here the population is more, money is more here and manufacturing is also cheap here, so where to do manufacturing, China. 

let's do it very cheaply, it is low cost production, more than 95% production is done in China, if you want to sell, then sell Apple in China. 25% of the sale comes from China, every fourth phone or fourth product is sold there, so when Apple took Americans, they were so much busy to produce and sell in China, they did not have any interest in India, but then what happened then the wheel of time Raina has turned them around, he is running very fast, number second economy has come and if he runs at this speed, one day he will come and sit on our head, then America said brother, we will have to leave a little more than this, I have given him more air than this. 

Will read to pull hands but brother is not going to pull hands because the whole production is dependent on him, almost all the sales are almost dependent on him, so friend will not be able to cross leaving him, but what to do now, in the middle of Corona's fight, then came to China and started showing there. 

Since 2013, trade war has started, around 2013, America has made a strategy in the whole world, friend, the dependence on China has become a bit high, you will have to make a strategy, China plus one means keep your base in China because here it is cheap and there is also sale. 

But don't keep dependency on China, apart from China, one country will have to be developed in one place, so that if there is any tension tomorrow, if there is any problem, then brother, if you have another jugaad, then there should be a replacement. 

It is the country which can replace China, tell me the name in the comment box immediately and I know the name of the comment box will be filled with this name, India is exactly sitting on this position where China was sitting 15-20 years ago. China was the most growing economy at that time, today India is the most growing economy. 

At that time China's disposable income was increasing, in today's date, India's disposable income is material, there was a lot of youth in China, today there is a lot of youth in India.

If you have any doubts please feel to free and comment and ask to questions.

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